Notes of baked pear and spices with white pepper finish


Arette Blanco

Herbaceous nose, citrus and blossom on the palate


Don Julio

Aged in bourbon barrels, subdued citrus with pepper notes


Classe Azul

Pomelo on the nose, tastes of tropical fruits and honey


Patron Silver

Earthy nose, palate of butterscotch and nutmeg


Tromba Anejo

Spicy nose with taste of cacao, caramel and aged pepper


Del Maguey Vida

Spicy smoky nose with smoked almonds and peach palate


QuiQuiriqui Espadin

Double distilled, earthy notes with hints of apricot



Smoky floral nose opening to caramel and raisin palate


Herradura Plata

Notes of cedar reveal a creamy palate with hints of spice