The Filet Mignon is taken from Tenderloin section running along both sides of the spine and is usually harvested as two long snake-shaped cuts of beef. The cut is generally considered the most prized cut of beef as the muscle is non weight-bearing and contains less connective tissue. The result is a very tender cut of beef and is generally not as flavorful as some other cuts. At La Luna we wrap the Filet Mignon in bacon to enhance the flavour (a technique traditionally used in French cooking) and to keep it moist during cooking.

Recommended Temperature: blu, rare, med/rare, medium

A leaner cut of beef will match well with a light bodied red wine. Filet Mignon is tender and has very little fat, it is gentle in flavor, often referred to as the king of cuts. We recommend a lighter bodied red wine such as a Pinot Noir. The finesse of a great Pinot will complement the delicacy of the Filet beautifully. 

Recommended: 2015 Olivier Leflaive Bougogne, Burgundy, France: A wine that showcases burgundy without the pricetag. Fresh bright cherry fruit, earthiness and enough acid to round it out nicely. 


T-BONE (550gm)  & PORTERHOUSE (330gm)

TheT-bone and porterhouse are cuts taken from the Striploin section of the animal. They are two distinct cuts that offer different experiences for the diners. The T-Bone incorporates the Porterhouse and the filet mignon on the opposing sides of the “T” shaped bone. The porterhouse cut is dissected from this bone resulting in a separate cut. The Porterhouse is tender as the muscle does little work and has less connective tissue. It does have a particularly large cap of fat which is desirable for some diners. It is a largely lean cut of steak apart from some marbling. 

Porterhouse Recommended Temperature: blu, rare, med/rare, medium

T-Bone Recommended Temperature: med/rare, medium, medium/well

Other names:

Porterhouse: NY Strip steak (USA), Sirloin steak (UK), Delmonico Steak (USA)

T-Bone: Porthouse steak (USA)

Porterhouse is often the choice cut for the true steak lover. Lean and tender, yet rich in flavor and beautifully juicy. A Grenache blend woks fabulously well here. The Australian examples are great if you’re a fan of something a little more fruit forward, but for great value head towards Spanish blends for a fantastic match. 

Recommended: 2013 Bodegas Langa ‘Monte Vicor’ Grenache Calatayud, Spain: This bad boy is filled with notes of cherry and blackberry. Medium bodied with a little smokey and balsamic notes to create a wonderful, complex drink.



The Rib-eye and the Scotch Fillet are the same cut. The only difference is the bone. Rib-eye has the bone (hence the name) where the scotch fillet does not. 

The “Rib” section of the animal runs from ribs six through twelve. The section consists of Three sub-sections: Rib Cap, Shot Rib and the Prime Rib. At La Luna we take the entire Rib Section, remove the Rib Cap and the Short Rib, leaving only the Prime Rib as a whole. From here we clean the meat inside the ribs (a technique called Frenching which exposes the bone) then cut the ribs as separate steaks with the bone attached. This dissected and Frenched Prime Rib, now forms the cut of the Rib-eye. In some cases we also detach the meat from the rib bone. When this is done, it forms the cut called Scotch Fillet. Occasionally, we do not detach the short rib, and French the entire length of the rib bone. Then, using the band saw dissect each individual rib with the long exposed bone. This technique forms the cut called the Tomahawke Steak.

Recommended Temperature: med/rare, medium, medium/well

Other names:

Rib-eye: Prime Rib (USA)

Scotch Fillet: Rib-eye Fillet (USA)

A cut of beef with a big meaty flavor and a good amount of fat such as a Rib-eye (Scotch Fillet) pairs well with something equally bold. A good quality Shiraz will do well here, but Cabernet and Cabernet blends such as those from Bordeaux or Tuscany work extremely well. The fruity qualities complement the meatiness and the tannins will cut through the rich fattiness. 

Recommended: 2014 Clarendelle Rouge, Merlot/Cabernet Bordeaux France: If you are looking for bang for your buck this is the one for you. Classic Bordeaux blend, silky tannins, fresh raspberry and blackberry, beautifully balanced. 


RUMP STEAK (1kg/400gm)

Rump is a particularly tasty cut of meat from the Rump section of the animal (also called the ‘Round’ in North America). It is made of several muscles, separated by connective tissue and small sinews, and these are what accounts for the cut being “chewey”. 

At La Luna we offer Rump in two ways, 1kg Rump (ideally shared) and 400gm Rump (individual). 

1kg Rump features all muscles interconnected.

400gm Rum is a section of the Rump (whole rum cut length way and portioned)

Recommended Temperature: Rare, Medium/Rare, Medium, Medium/Well

Rump steak is lean, full flavored and firm in texture. A cool climate Shiraz, such as those from Victoria or France can work very well. The classic South Australian Shiraz with its bold characters is a beautiful match to the intensity of the beef. 

Recommended: 2011 Bannockburn 1314ad Shiraz, Geelong, Victoria: A very rewarding wine from an awesome local producer. A little bit smokey, redcurrant, peppery and balanced. 


HANGER STEAK (350-400gm)

Ahanger steak, also known asbutcher's steak, is a cut prized for its flavor. This cut is taken from thePlate which is the upper belly of the animal. In the past it was sometimes known as "butcher's steak", becausebutchers would often keep it for themselves rather than offer it for sale. Hanger steak resemblesFlank steak in texture and flavor. It is a vaguely V-shaped pair of muscles with a long, inedible membrane running down the middle. The hanger steak is quite tender (like filet mignon) however is also somewhat textural. The steak is said to "hang" from the diaphragm of the heifer or steer. The diaphragm is one muscle, commonly cut into two separate cuts of meat: the hanger steak, traditionally considered more flavorful, and the outer skirt steak, composed of tougher muscle from the dome of the diaphragm. 

Recommended Temperature: We only serve the Hanger Steak Medium/Rare