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Four Pillars ‘Olive Leaf’

Healesville, Victoria

 Using three types of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf tea from the world-class groves of Victoria’s Cobram Estate. Botanicals like rosemary and bay leaf transport you to the Mediterranean


Tiny Bear ‘The Gypsy’

Knoxfield, Victoria

A spice driven gin, with a pungent juniper base. Flavored by four different peppers, as well as cardamom, clove and cumin. Fresh citrus notes added from lemon and lime, with a crisp finish from the added cucumber.


McHenry Damson Plum

HMount Arthur, Tasmania

Made from wild Damson Plums foraged from the lanes and by-ways of Tasmania’s unspoilt countryside and steeped in the famous McHenry Classic Gin. The result is a gin that’s refined and textured, delivering an elegant balance of sweet and sour fruit notes, without any bitterness.


Shene Estate Poltergeist Navy Strength

Pontville, Tasmania

A bold Navy Strength gin combining 12 botanicals. A unique expression which retains the essential oils which can be clearly seen in the glass.


Patient Wolf ‘Summer Thyme’

Southbank, Victoria

Inspired by summer, for drinking all year round. Fresh thyme and lemons are vapour infused 

in a copper still to produce a lemon zest and delicate piney freshness.


Mandrake Cucumber and Mint

South Melbourne, Victoria

Juniper berries, coriander seed, grains of paradise and green cardamom 

fresh cucumber richness and a “clapped” mint character.


Anther Australian Gin

Geelong, Victoria

The big juniper flavour of Anther Gin is boosted by eucalyptus and beautifully 

balanced by citrus from coriander, lemon gum and finger limes. A further 8 

botanicals provide warmth, depth and savoury spice.


Prince Albert Gin

Richmond, Victoria

Sweet lime zest, lime leaf and piney juniper. While Prince Albert’s Gin has an 

overt citrus character, it reads as classic London Dry Style with subtle notes of juniper.


Four Pillars Rare

Healesville, Victoria

Distilled with whole oranges, Tassie Pepperberry  lemon myrtle.The remaining botanicals 

are distilled on a base of local grain spirit and diluted with local Yarra Valley water. 

The producers state that this gin was made to be an ideal gin for Negroni.


Eden Mills Love Gin

St Andrews, Scotland

Light blush Pink Gin from Eden Mill brings together an outstanding blend of 

Hibiscus and rose petal and exotic fruits to form a delicate and floral gin.


Malfy Gin Lemon

Corsica Italy


Whitley Neil Raspberry



Bols Genever






Martin Miller






Tanqueray no. 10



Haymans Old Tom



Aviation Gin



Plymouth Gin



Gin Mare



Jensens Old Tom

Floral palate with cereals, lavender, hints of apple blossom and aniseed. Big, spicy juniper.